About me

Hello, I'm Beth Clear.  I grew up in Minnesota and I hate the cold but I never want to leave here.  I have been a resident of Owatonna since 1995 with involvement in civic organizations and school related activities. I am a graduate of the Southwest Minnesota State with a Bachelor in Science.  

I also attended Brown College for Photography.

I am blessed with a loving husband and wonderful daughter.  I love to travel the world and see what a precious environment we live in.  I enjoy warm beach sand in my toes and a camera in my hand.   Since there is no job that allows you to enjoy beach sand covered toes, I opted for photography as my working passion.

My Experience

I was handed my first camera at about 8.  Since then, I have taken millions of photos.  I love capturing memories.  During my college experience, I decided that photography was going to be my life career.  Shortly after college, Clear Photography was born.  I have photographed hundreds of families, children, seniors and weddings - each unique in their own way.  

I would love to get the chance to capture your memories.

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